There is an interesting mix of people and business types within the studio. Generally they are  design / technology based and we find this works best for the environment and also for the likelihood of cross-fertilisation.

There is no dominant company here, just lots of small businesses who work independently but enjoy being in a professional space with other like minded people and have collaborative opportunities available when they arise.

We don’t insist that you utilise the other resources available to you within the studio but we certainly encourage it.

We are open minded about who works here but it does lend itself better to certain types of businesses – and people.

We tend to veer away from anybody who does something very telephone heavy and/or salesy.

Everybody has clients, everybody makes phones calls, we even have clients in from time to time but if you do telesales or lots of face to face work with clients on site such as interviewing or recruitment, this probably won’t be the right place for you.

Current and past clients include:

  • web design
  • graphic design
  • developers
  • video production
  • photographers
  • ecommerce website managers
  • traders – the quiet online sort, not the yelling buy buy buy, sell, sell, sell down the phone type
  • digital strategist
  • music plugger
  • animators
  • greetings card designer
  • online training agency
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