The Studio – Shoreditch is a creative office space located on East Road just 2 minutes walk from Old Street tube station.

It was set up in 2006 to enable freelancers or small businesses to cut costs by sharing office space with other similar companies or alternatively for businesses that started off from home to take the next step into a more businesslike environment.

There is no dominant company within the space, just lots of small businesses who work independently but enjoy being in a professional space with other like minded people and have collaborative opportunities available when they arise.

We don’t insist that you utilise the other resources available to you within the studio but we certainly encourage it.

We are open minded about who works here but it does lend itself better to certain types of businesses – and people.

We tend to veer away from anybody who does something very telephone heavy and/or salesy.

Everybody has clients, everybody makes phones calls, we even have clients in from time to time but if you do telesales or lots of face to face work with clients on site such as interviewing or recruitment, this probably won’t be the right place for you.

Most of the businesses in here are design or technology based and this works best for the environment and also for the likelihood of cross-fertilisation.

It’s  environment to work in and a convenient and professional location. There is a kitchenette area within the office with a sink, fridge, kettle, toaster, coffee machine and a microwave and there are separate male/female toilets located elsewhere in the building.

You get your own keys to the office and the building and so can come here 24/7 should you wish to.

One month’s rent is required as a deposit and one month’s rent is payable up front plus a £20 deposit per set of keys. There is a one month’s notice period required when you are ready to move on.

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